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The top level menu has the following sections : Jäsenasiat for all members, veneasiat about boats and the harbour, kilpailut about races and purjehdus about sailing. In the blog we have announcements of current issues. You can also follow the announcements  via RSS feed
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This brief English summary will grow gradually, and it contains keywords in Finnish to help you to find more information.


Inspection – ”katsastus”

All boats registered in KoPu are inspected every year. Inspection dates are usually evenings in May and June (”katsastus”) and will be announced on website calendar. Each member must book a time for their inspection. Bookings are made on the lists which you will find on the notice board in the clubhouse porch. If the boat has been inspected in another club then send a copy of the inspection report to the secretary before 12 August.

In addition to the annual inspection, a more thorough study is performed every 5 years. The boat owning member is informed about that by an email.

After succesful inspection you get a sticker and the inspector signs boat documents. This gives you permission to sail under KoPu flag, and a discount with many insurance companies.

In the annual inspection, the inspector checks safety-related equipment and installations such as

  • life vests
  • LPG installations certificate and fitness
  • parachute rockets and red flares (note: regulations change 2017)
  • fire extinguishers having the current year stamp
  • fire blanket
  • navigation lights operation
  • anchor light activity
  • life buoy
  • fire alarm
  • signal shapes (black circle and triangle) and the fog horn
  • emergency tools

If the items marked in bold are not OK, or your boat is not considered seaworthy, you will fail the inspection. For other problems you only need to agree with the inspector how to fix them. The full list of applicable items (e.g. number of rockets) depends on the inspection class: 1-offshore, 2-coastal areas,  3-archipelago. The national yacht club association SPV publishes a list (in Finnish) of application areas and inspection targets.

More advice about inspections from

Watchman duty – Vartiointi

There is a duty to watch the harbour on a few summer nights allocated to each boat with mooring there. The ”captain member” (veneilijäjäsen) is responsible for this watchman duty, even for jointly owned boats. He/she can delegate one or several nights of his duty to other KoPu members or family members, but not others. This is because they are the only ones possessing the key needed for many tasks…

You can book your watchman nights for the following summer  in KoPu general meeting (syyskokous) in November, or after that by looking up the free nights in Excel sheet here and contacting the head of security (

Watch guide for Koivusaari harbour

Captain members older than 75 years, as well as those who work otherwise for the club (e.g. board members) are partially or fully excused of their watchman duty. That is the only compensation they get.

Racing – ”kilpailut”

KoPu is famous for different racing events it organizes – it has received many awards for them. The races include

  • Helsinki-Tallinna race in August
  • Tiistaikilpailut on Tuesday evenings
  • Kopun mestaruuskilpailu (Kopu championship) in September
  • Karvalakkikisa (Fur hat race) in the end of the season

Races have their own pages (in Finnish) under ”kilpailut”. There is a form you need to fill in to register, the orders (purjehdusohje) and description of routes (ratakuvaukset). Tiistaikilpailut have also their own facebook group ”Kopun Tiistis” which is used for crew market and sharing photos.

Mast crane – ”mastonosturi”

The mast crane in northern end of Koivusaari harbour is jointly used by KoPu and neighbouring club. It is often very busy, so please prepare your boat before going to crane. If you are uncertain, ask for more experienced sailors to help. You usually need 2-3 people depending on size of your mast.

Short checklist (more detailed one on Finnish pages ”Satama”)

  • remove sails and boom before approaching the crane
  • detach ropes and antenna cables etc.
  • check that  you have all the necessary tools at hand
  • agree who will climb up the crane  to remove the wind indicator, with the right tools and a bag
  • check where you are supposed to put the mast (list of shelves is inside of mast shed doors)
  • find and return the metal coloured mast trolley in mast shed (yellow one belongs to the other club)

Tarpaulin – ”pressu”

Both our winter storage areas are windy therefore you should buy a sturdy tarpaulin (”pressu”, ”peite”). Light tarpaulins e.g. 125 g/m2, rarely survive a whole winter.

Hints: mark your name and phone number to the boat or tarpaulin so that it is easy to read. Visit the boat in the winter to check everyone is OK. Take a look at your neighbour’s tarpaulins and phone them if they seem to need help. Fill some plastic containers with tap water to be used as tarpaulin weights – then you will also have there water for washing in early spring.

Boat cradle – ”pukki”

Your boat cradle should be sturdy, but you if you keep it at Koivusaari then you should be able to fold it flat when not in use. At Koivusaari the folded cradles are packed tightly together over the summer, because KoPu pays rent by the total surface area taken by the cradles.

All cradles should have the boat’s name and the owner’s name clearly painted on them. They should also have the word ”keula” (i.e. bow) painted at the front end of the cradle. In beginning and end of season we have ”pukkitalkoot” at Koivusaari where all members keeping their boat at Koivusaari work together to move the cradles to the right places for summer and winter. Follow the website calendar to find out when this will be.